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What the HIV/AIDS Community Is Saying About the 2016 Election Results

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He has vowed to repeal Rowe V Wade,what makes people he will stick by the LGBT community,he has the radical evangelical constituents to please,if they defund planned parenthood,since it is sinful,what makes people think he will stick by us,you can't serve two masters,radical conservative Supreme Court,marriage equality in jeopardy,be not deceived we are in for a fight,unless he turns back into a Democrat he used to be,heaven help us,Your Vote counts,when will we learn that!!!!!!

November 12, 2016 Tulsa


If Hillary won the election I would RESPECT her (and all her duplicity) as the 45th President of the United States. The election is over!!! Lets move on and tackle issues, HIV, terrorism, energy, and the rights of ALL AMERICANS. Morons like Michael Moore just can't deal with the outcome. Instead of protests and destroying people's property, lets come together and support our new President. Let us not be silent in the push for a cure, but we will respect D Trump in all capacities. I

November 11, 2016 new jersey

Jeton Ademaj

So i guess it was a BAD idea for Peter Staley to publicly bail from his AIDS Inc cabal reaching out to Donald J. Trump's campaign on the ACT UP NY page on June 4th, huh? then again, that entire enterprise was just Staley's way of rehabbing Hillary's demonic public comments about Ron n Nancy Reagan, along with her narrowcast "apology"...but my comments are elaborated here:

November 9, 2016 Harlem, NYC


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