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Do HIV-Preventing Microbicides Have a Future in the Age of PrEP?

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It's a great way to create a mutation of the virus that will be resistant to all treatment modalities. In essence Medically you would be inviting an outcome that would read like one of the latest horror movies where scientists did the unthinkable and all of humanity paid for the recklessly administered bad science. What is the expected outcome? More women will feel free to engage in risky sex because they have a (birth control like anti hiv device?) Wow, that is great science at work folks.

February 8, 2018 USA


To HIV Poz Fl: I don't think anyone has ever claimed female circumcision to, even in theory, be of preventative assistance to HIV non acquisition. Female circumcision is a totally barbaric thing that appeared in some cultures probably introduced to denigrate and further subjugate women. Male circumcision, though, strange as it is, and culturally imposed as it is, wasn't for the same reason and didn't do such harm as female circumcision. I support neither, but they are not at all comparable.

December 19, 2017 UK


60% effectiveness of such vaginal sponge microbicides is not at all good enough for an HIV prevention strategy. It's better than nothing, but a 40% failed rate remains! Such effectiveness and ineffectiveness rates would not reassure me for myself, nor me about another on such microbicides. Also, such a rate of effectiveness and ineffectiveness would not be acceptable if used as strategies to prevent other infections or even to prevent pregnancy. PrEP and / or condoms are far more effective.

December 17, 2017 UK


How well does the RING COMPARE to the efficacy of FEMALE CIRCUMCISION? OH YEAH, we can't do that study. The only people we can genitally mutilate in studies are men with MALE GENITAL MUTILATION. Oh my bad "voluntary" "medical" male circumcision. So, the most important question. Where do all the men who had their genitals mutilated go to get made whole again once the perfect PrEP or vaccine is found? By the way a freaking hate reCAPTCHA!

December 12, 2017

Andy F

Why does the growing disenfranchisement of hiv+ people get four paragraphs but an analysis of NIH prevention priorities get a novelette? This is yet another insult to your positive readers. If you don’t care about poz people-and you very clearly don’t-close shop and rebrand as “PrEP Magazine”. Let something that actually cares about those living with HIV get a chance to brand itself as a magazine for people living with hiv.

December 10, 2017 Cleveland


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