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HIV’s Reservoir May Differ in the Gut Compared With in Blood

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So may be swallowing HIV meds on an empty stomach is more efficient?! I wish a doctor could comment on that supposition.

November 28, 2018 New York


I just not getting the point of this study or how its news. ART not effecting latent infected cells and the differences in tissues levels including the Gut Mucous Viral Reservoir and latency is well know going back years and years. What's next spending money on the question " Is a wheel round?" or "is water wet?"

November 27, 2018


HIV just keeps getting crazier with every news article. Is this the only virus in history that produces a latently infected reservoir and a latently infected reservoir that differs depending on the region of the body? This is almost unbelievable. It's strange that the expensive monthly medications keep the reservoir latent but reactivates once you stop the meds. This is an amazing moneymaking virus. Research grants and drug dollars for life.

November 26, 2018 OKC


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