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Shelter From The Storm

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cliff williams

I'm a big fan of Poz magazine it's a voice of a lot of people's personal stories from both the effected and infected. You see when people with the virus step out of the shadows of stigma that old virus looses its strength. It is up to folks sticken with the virus to share their story, I call it sacrafice and service. sure I went through stages with my status acceptance was hard and true it has been a life changing. I encourage folks who have the virus to educate themselves Thanks Suzy

May 3, 2011 Philadelphia, Pa.

Waheedah Shabazz-El

What a terrifying situation to be in. Homeless and HIV Positive. Through ACT UP Philly Clifford has fought his way and the way for many others to stable to housing. Thank him for sharing his story with us. That once housed properly you are getting better at taking care of yourself. But didi it have to take 5 years? The waiting list for housing for many in Phila is a waiting list to Die! Thank you POZ Magazine for covering real grass root heart felt issues. WS

May 3, 2011 Philadelphia


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