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Dating sometimes takes effort. Answering those nagging questions that come up in your head will certainly help you enjoy a first date.

Think about answers to questions like: What am I going to wear? What are some good places to go where we can talk and get to know each other? And what if I find out something I don’t like about the person that I didn’t know before I signed up to go on this date?

Here are some tips that will hopefully ease some of your first-date nerves:

  • Be yourself! Of course we want the first impression to be one the other person will find attractive enough to want to see us again. Being your genuine self goes a long way to making that happen. If you’ve mustered up enough nerve to ask the other person — or even if you’re the one who accepted the invitation — allow the true you to shine through.
  • Grooming always helps! Have you ever heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” They’re right. How you show up says a lot about who you are. Our idea of grooming means paying close attention to detail from head to toe. Take care of the things that will be seen in public, like your face, hands and feet.
  • Communication is key! Studies show that most communication is non-verbal. Asking questions like what they do for a living and where they’re from are good conversation starters, but people tend to answer those in general. Be ready to pay close attention to the other party’s actions, not just the words they use.
  • It’s a date, not an interrogation! When you want to get to know people, get them to relax enough to share who they are with you. An effective way to do so organically is asking this question:.What are you passionate about? When a person is deeply excited or concerned about something they will have no problem with sharing their thoughts.

A first date is an experience. Enjoy it!

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