Indian leaders have boosted HIV/AIDS awareness and have helped cut the number of new infections in many of the country’s remote regions, according to a UNAIDS report released on June 30, Reuters reports ( 6/30).

“Cases are dropping in [Indian states like] Tamil Nadu, and it has been successful in Maharastra,” said Denis Broun, the India director for UNAIDS, in the article. “We are sure we are going to see success in Andhra Pradesh before a year.”

The report, titled Redefining AIDS in Asia—Crafting an Effective Response, praised Indian officials who generated awareness about the disease, lobbied for HIV-related legislation and pushed for more resources to fight the virus.

“India has managed to slow down the epidemic in some states with more decisive planning,” Broun said. “We have really worked a lot in mobilizing politicians, and they have been able to visit around the country and understand the realities of AIDS and interact with people.”

India accounts for roughly half the estimated HIV-infected population in Asia with 2.47 million cases.