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Weekly Injectable HIV Antibody Treatment Shows Promise

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Before we express our dissatisfaction, remember that one of the main comorbidities from HIV, and barriers to a cure, relates to the inability of current drugs to act in the brain. Though not a cure in and of itself, this could very much be huge as part of a "kick and kill" strategy, as a desperately needed adjunct to current therapies, or as a temporary replacement for people unable to take pills. Not sure if anything will come from this, but this may be one of the more promising breakthroughs

August 21, 2015


Needing more info. please on PRO 140 have been in another study which show success.Thanks for you time...

August 20, 2015 Marion


Whoopie, I knew this was coming. Are we supposed to be happy that pharma is gonna turn us into diabetics now with their shots,instead of curing which they never will.Give up all that money being made.Fk no we will be the new diabetic shot people.

August 19, 2015 Menifee


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