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Insurers Cover PrEP, So Why Can’t More People Access the HIV Prevention?

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Banksy makes sense as usual and his stance protects him. But those who take PrEP will most likely not get HIV and so will not then pass it on either. Why isn't the cost of PrEP coming down? At $2000 a month, that is more than many people earn a month. I know these people won't be paying for it, but the funding still has to come from somewhere. Hasn't the company that created PrEP recouped it's original costs and more already? Can't it drop the cost of PrEP to half or a quarter yet?

July 6, 2018 UK


I wouldn't take it because its expensive, sorta toxic, and used properly should be used with a condom. The condom increases the effectiveness of PrEP and lessens the risk of acquiring every other avoidable transmissable std and disease known and unknown. I figure skip the toxic drug, use a condom and serosort best i can. That and avoid obvious self destructive behavior like heavy drugs and using frequent sex as an escape from dealing with problems.

July 5, 2018


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