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Suspicious Minds

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This retrovirus is man made if you can understand how the virus replcates. Going into a healthy T cell with enough viral information (RNA) to form a complement (DNA) which then transcribes more viral DNA. This takes place in the healthy T cells nucleus and incorporates its self with the T cells chromosomes. Once their the only way out for the virus is to rupture,kill the T cell and infect other healthy T cells. Because of the host range (only infects humans). Yes this is a man made disease.

April 3, 2008 Yonkers

Elaine Farrell

Typhus,Typhoid,Cholera, Malaria,Bubonic plague, Dengue fever,Tetanus, Diptheria,Measles,Mumps, Chicken pox,Smallpox, Anthrax,Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A/B,Polio,etc. These diseases have existed over centuries worldwide, killed many, but scientists have found cures, treatments or vaccines. HIV is just another to add to the list of living organisms that get out of control if the conditions are right. Could someone use HIV to target people? Sure. We aren't the only nation that can. Think about it.

April 1, 2008 Monticello, NY


dear jesse, there is definite reason for many to believe that AIDS was caused by the government. In the late 80's the London Times published on the front page the evidence that showed that the african countries which received the smallpox vaccinations were the countries that exploded with HIV/AIDS. Haiti and brazil were also included in that smallpox vaccination campaign. Dr. Leonard Horowitz ("Aids, ebola,...") proved that pharmas and other gov agencies had purchase orders for the virus.

April 1, 2008 albuquerque

andreas fulcher

AIDS is a consequence of our own sin. I knew whan I was living my 8 year fantacy vacation as a pro (American) football all-star, that AIDS would catch up to me. Abusing my status in Germany, HIV was a wake up call to get my life right with our higher power. Since 1996, with HIV, my construction company has grossed over $3,000,000.00. Nobody kept me down. The notion that the Government invented AIDS is just another excuse to justify our immoral behavior. We need Christ, then life can be awesome

April 1, 2008 dallas


I would like to say why would the government or anybody want to find a cure their is to much money for pharmacutical,shareholders,and stockholders to lose out on.Think about it if they had cures for most illness's tthey would lose out on billions of dollars.Heck there is no cure for the common cold yet people buy billions of dollars of over the counter drugs.These people want you to be sick or they wouldn't have a job

January 8, 2008



December 14, 2007 NEWARK

Mark C. MacLean

Jesse, I just read your story and as I am a white male homosexual, I honestly like you believe it was a plot, but by the republicans to rid the world of homosexuals, blacks and hispanics and while doing that stuff the pockets of every pharmaceutical company. I have learned to challemge this and it has helped imensily, fight back every life on this planet is equal and of great importance don't let the white republicans win this war fight that disease within you and win. Kind Regards Mark

December 13, 2007 New York City


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