HIV testing among men in Johannesburg increased from 24 percent to 60 percent in the past year, according to a new survey reported on by

“The figures show a dramatic increase in HIV testing, particularly among males,” said Saul Johnson, MD, managing director for Health and Development Africa. He attributed the testing increase to effective awareness campaigns and programs.

The survey, conducted in all nine provinces of South Africa between June and August of last year, also found that about 75 percent of men and 78 percent of women ages 16 to 19 were tested in the last year.

In addition, 39.1 percent of respondents believed faithfulness to sexual partners was a viable prevention method compared with 26 percent in 2006. Participants in long-term relationships were less likely to use condoms.

However, according to the article, men and women don’t usually settle down in stable relationships until their late 30s. In fact, most men and women believed that cheating was the norm.

Johnson said that young men have casual partners. And half the women interviewed who were involved in one night stands did not use condoms.

“While there is evidence that the message around the risks of multiple partners is getting through,” Johnson said, “the message needs to be sustained in the future to further increase knowledge levels and bring about behavior change.”