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Is Kenneth Cole Shifting Blame for the Harvey Weinstein Charity Controversy?

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This was exhaustive, depressing... ppl want him to quit, he doesn’t want to quit. He knows it was a mistake but he doesn’t want to walk away with things a mess. What I’m overhearing from others in the field... they could give a rats ass about any of this. Can we do an in-depth feel good piece on somebody?

January 26, 2018 Nashville

Jeff Taylor

Titillating celebrity drama aside, it should be noted that amfAR is a major funder of cutting edge cure research. It would have been nice had been some mention of this--perhaps talking to cure research activists and/or people participating in the trials they fund. Focusing on only the drama and not the work is not only a disservice to the researchers & study volunteers involved, but more dangerously could give the casual reader the false impression that amfAR is corrupt and not worth supporting

January 22, 2018 Palm Springs, CA


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