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Attempted Murder Charges for Kentucky Inmate With HIV

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What bothers me even more than the utter stupidity of turning what would be an assault charge for anyone else into an attempted murder charge merely because the assailant has HIV (whether or not there is any risk of transmission, which there most certainly isn't)is criminalizing the mode of the assault. He threw it at the officers feet, for Pete's sake. I've never heard of anyone contracting HIV through their feet. When will this insanity end?

February 28, 2013 Vancouver


This is such BS! Figures it's coming from some hick town in the south. Urine is a deadly weapon? Attempted murder? SERIOUSLY? Those country hicks need a lot of schooling on how HIV is transmitted. News flash policemen! IT'S NOT FRICKING URINE!!!!

February 28, 2013


This is terrible...u can not get hiv from urine! If u ask me the officer probably deserved it...i have been in a situation where an officer planted a controlled substance on me and i spit on him! They need to b more worried about the real messed up crimes in the ppl messing with children and throwing kids in dumpsters and ppl killing one another thats what they need to b worried about! The fella needs help not a murder charge!

February 26, 2013 japan


I dident know HIV Poz Urin Was a Weapon,... Could Even Be how I Got this HIV , From Simple Contaminated Water... Dosent this Post Imply the Possibility,...

February 26, 2013 la Jolla


The charges are absolutely unjust, in no way does tossing urine amount to attempted murder.This blatant over charging of HIV positive people further demonstrates the growing gay & HIV hate bias that has been allowed to fester within the justice system, especially in the midwest states where most of these extreme charges are often levied against HIV positive people for even the slightest infractions.

February 26, 2013 New York


this is bull you could shoot up with urine and not get hiv when will this stop????????????

February 24, 2013 cambridge city


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