In light of Ashton Kutcher’s substantial Twitter following—2.5 million people subscribe to his updates—the White House asked the actor to spread the word about National HIV Testing Day, which was June 27, Politico reports.

“I’ve been asked by the white house to twet [sic] this,” wrote Kutcher, linking to a White House blog post and video commemorating the 14th annual National HIV Testing Day. The video shows President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle getting tested for HIV back in 2006.

While some were skeptical as to whether the Punk’d creator was telling the truth about his government connections, White House assistant press secretary Reid Cherlin confirmed that the Obama administration actively sought him out.

“As technology impacts how and where people are communicating online, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage with the public,” Cherlin said. “Our efforts to promote National HIV Testing Day included participation from popular users of Twitter, as well as broad social media engagement by agencies across the government.”

Kutcher’s wife, actress Demi Moore, also Tweeted about National HIV Testing Day, writing, “1 in 5 Americans with HIV doesn’t know. Share this Nat’l HIV Testing Day vid of Pres Obama’s test” and linking to the same blog post.

The White House also launched a Twitter hashtag (#NHTD09) in addition to providing online and text message resources to help people find local testing sites and urge their friends to get tested.