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My Name is Kayla Ogletree

Yvette is my mother. I just wanted to say that i love her very much and am so proud of her and what she's doing to help notify people about HIV & AID. && even tho i DONT have the virus, i wear the UNTiL THERES a CURE Bracelet.

January 8, 2009 Battle Creek MI

Yvette Ogletree

Responding to your question. My suggestion is to go to a facility that has rapid testing. You will be able to get your test results in 20-30 minutes. If you do test positive there will be staff available to refer you to services and suggest what you should do next. Also to those who connected with my story, know that there are many of us with the same stories. We must stay strong, empower others, and first and foremost, take care of ourselves. May God bles you all. Yvette Ogletree

April 14, 2008 San Diego


I can totally identify with this story. I tested postive for HIV, was diagnosed with AIDs and lymphoma all in the same week. The first doctor I had completely ignored my symptoms for over a year. The story has a happy ending. I beat cancer and HIV. Three years later I'm undetectable with a 300+ and rising t-cell count.

April 12, 2008 Oakland

Dan Riley

I completely connnect with this story. In 2001, after many months of visiting my doctor and telling him that there was something worng and always given the runaround, I found out that I had syphilisis that was undetected for several yeaars. My doctor, knowing my orientation, declined to do an HIV test. 3 weeks I was in ICU with PCP so bad that they sid I would not make it another 36 hours. Here I am 6 years later proving all of them wrong. I have my problems but, I still here and surviving.

April 11, 2008 Palm Bay


I actually have a question. What if you get tested in a facility and another facility in a city that is 90 mi. away from you calls you and tells you that you are positive. The woman had my wrong birthday, but I am indeed positive I think. Should I get tested out of the county? I got tested on Feb 14th and she called March 27th.

April 9, 2008 York


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