Rod Daily and Cameron BayAs many as four adult film stars tested positive for HIV this fall, prompting temporary industry shutdowns and raising talks about condoms in porn. First was actress Cameron Bay, then Rod Daily, who performs mostly in gay films but is romantically linked with Bay. The anonymous third was announced by the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an industry trade group that claims evidence in all three cases “points to private exposure to virus, which was identified before entering the performer pool by existing protocols.”

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) alerted the Los Angeles–based porn industry of a fourth performer but gave no details. AHF backs a statewide bill to enforce condom use in all adult movies on the grounds of occupational hazards. Last year, voters approved a similar law in LA County, but the porn business is fighting it in court.

Meanwhile, Time magazine reports that more porn is filmed in Miami, Las Vegas and Phoenix, where it’s cheaper and easier. AHF is following the money shots. It asked the Florida health department to investigate Miami-based D&E Productions for providing bareback scenes to a California company. D&E then stated it would no longer provide such content. That’s a wrap, for now. Tweets