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Lawsuit Alleges Safer Version of HIV Med Tenofovir Withheld

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I have kidney/ bone loss after years of pain and fatigue and they said not the meds. Diagnosed osteopenia in 2011. Sick for years with bone muscle pain weight loss and fatigue.could not work. doc after doc...I got my med records, learned to read the labs, 2014 I told doc about the EGFR on my labs going back one told stage 3 CKD continued to prescribe truvada, complera, stribild since 2001 started with Viread. Every time I asked docs about labs and symptoms said fine, liver a little high

October 15, 2019 california


I have had dental problems for years including major bone loss. I was properly caring for my teeth and seeing a dentists twice per year. I took Truvada for several years and Stribild for about 3 years. The bills, stress, and pain were ridiculous!!! Who is going to hold Gilead accountable? Did they think everyone would die off before we figured out something was wrong?

July 3, 2019


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