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In a Lawsuit, Restaurant Server Claims He Was Fired Because He Has HIV

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I been fired from jobs for having HIV, multiple jobs. It went from "your good with a tow truck, I have a ton of hours for you" , earlier in the the day that i was kind of forced to tell them. They kept pushing as to why i was late that day and why my medication was so important. The very next day after i told them they called me and said there was no hours or work for anybody. This continued for about a week everyday untill they said it was too slow and they had to let me go.

November 14, 2019 CA


I agree with the previous comments about likely illegality of being required to get a manager's signature in order to proceed in getting proper HIV meds. But, in addition to that, his local federal legislator might be a support and resource. Overland Park, if I am correct, lies within the district of the recently elected US Representative, Sharice Davids, a lesbian and Native American. She would surely be in support of this employee in this lawsuit!

November 14, 2019 Portland, OR.


It sounds like he needs to sue the state of Kansas. Isn't requiring a manager to sign an HIV medication form a privacy or HIPAA violation? I have no doubt the vile conservatives in Kansas purposely made this a requirement to expose HIV positive individuals to their employers. Where is Lambda legal?

November 13, 2019 OKC


"In order to obtain his HIV meds from a state program, he needed a manager to sign a form." It sounds like the state program needs some education on discrimination. I have never heard of any state program requiring a manager's signature to obtain anything HIV-related. In fact, doing so opens up the employee to discrimination.

November 12, 2019 Wenonah, NJ


Clearly it was discrimination. Someone in management - or more than one person - purposely made it harder for this worker to do his job. In the UK they call it Constructive Dismissal if a worker leaves under such duress. It's unfair. But the management, by doing this, has brought bad publicity upon the company... So, the company will lose out, too, unless it gives him his original job back.

November 11, 2019 UK


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