While a British colonial-era law banning sodomy had for years driven India’s men who have sex with men (MSM) underground—and away from HIV treatment, care and support—Delhi’s High Court legalized homosexuality in July. The legislation allows HIV prevention workers to tailor programs for MSM.  

After the American Civil Liberties Union sued U.S. State Department contractor Triple Canopy Inc. for denying a U.S. Army veteran a security job based on his HIV status, the U.S. State Department has agreed to allow HIV-positive people to work under department contracts and protect them from such discrimination in the future.

The Alabama Department of Corrections lifted its long-standing ban on positive prisoners participating in the state work release program, granting them greater freedom to hold jobs, earn money and better readjust to society. South Carolina is now the only state in the nation barring HIV-positive prisoners from work release.