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The L+ Word

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as a heter woman I am still confused. about this topic. just exactly how is it spread sexually. and let's say you undetectable. I wish someone would please kick some real stories and info. thanks 2 all the ladies lesbian,straight bio were all in it together I'd just like to hear how a lesbian gets HIV from sex.

September 26, 2009 San francico


I'm a 61 year old with aids. Most likely contracted in 1986-7 before I quit drinking. Diagnosed in '90 Thank God I was sober. Never worried about what anyone thought about me being bi-sexual or hiv+. Just grateful to still be here. By far my worst problem was being an active alcoholic. Still sober and still kickin !!!

June 14, 2009 PSL


Thanks for the story, POZ! I want all of our identities to be recognized and cared for. If we aren't a category being counted then how do we know what transmission rates are? Not to mention what kind of sex we are having with women. If I've learned nothing from doing lesbian health work over the years its that frottage is the LEAST of what we do. smile. Additionally, good services allow all of us to walk in and be recognized and cared for. That's just solid cultural competency.

June 2, 2009 Chicago


I thought this issue had been laid to rest many years ago. Of course, there are lesbians living with HIV, but there is no risk of lesbians getting it from lesbian sex. It is all about priorities. Why would you waste funding on an issue that simply does not exist.

May 31, 2009 London


Thank you, Laura W. and Poz. Yes, I know there is the Lesbian AIDS Project at GMHC. But, I am SO angry at GMHC (and Harlem United and Housing Works and so many others) for taking all the grants, no matter how the resource administrators DON'T reflect who are receiving services... Mexicans are the largest growing immigrant population in NYC. Harlem United gets so many grants to test them... they- nor any agency- has a Mexican tester, much less MSW. The "peers" exist for getting grants...

May 22, 2009 NYC


And (3) and last point. When I've been on welfare and gone to public clinics -- even in areas frequented by oppressed clients -- I have faced shockingly anti-lesbian attitudes that taught me that lesbian = terrible health care. Going to Harlem public health clinics, self-identifying as lesbian, was a sure route to being ignored no matter what symptoms I had and being sent to have a HIV test -- by a "righteous" test administrator with a Bible tract and painfully administered test. WWJD? Hah!

May 22, 2009 NYC


Thanks Poz. The 2nd thing I resent as a lesbian, speaking withIN the community, is the "using a dental dam" thang. I think the shoulds keep people from using protection when the stats are truly "ought." Like, I loved the stats you published about heterosexual couples and risk. If the risk is SO LOW as a lesbian for licking pussy -- I CHOOSE not to use a barrier. Gay men are acknowledged now when they say "fuck condoms for oral sex"-I want to say this and be understood likewise as a lesbian.

May 22, 2009 NYC


Thank you, Poz for the thoughtful articles on lesbians & HIV/AIDS. Wow... SO many memories and emotions.... it really is helpful to have this space to share. Okay, so (1) as a lesbian service provider, I have SO resented being pressured by both straight and lesbian supervisors into "giving" resources greater than our representation. Sure, I know we our underrepresented in stats kept my "The Man." I also know people get anything they can -- and don't think about the brothers of color MSM...

May 22, 2009 NYC


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