Positives’ Responsibility
Bill Strubbe’s “Prevention for Positives” (April/May 2010) discusses whether HIV- positive people should be solely responsible for stemming new infections. Here’s what you had to say.

Those of us with HIV must bear a higher responsibility to prevent transmission (life ain’t fair, sorry). For that matter, sexually active HIV-negative folks should be “lifted up” more for staying negative. Too often, being diagnosed with HIV is seen as a booby prize filled with perks and attention. Anyone staying negative deserves a freaking medal.

Mark S. King
Fort Lauderdale

I agree that talking about sex should include everyone: parents, aunts, grandparents, friends, teachers, preachers and, yes, medical providers. Let’s all be honest about who we are and have sex/HIV conversations. It would be great if these conversations included condoms, HIV rapid testing and post-exposure treatment options. 


Dental Detection
Kate Ferguson’s “Should HIV Testing Be a Part of Dental Care” on POZ.com examines how regular visits to the dentist could make more people aware of their status by offering HIV testing.

This is an interesting idea that deserves more attention. My immediate concern is will dentists be able to counsel patients with preliminary HIV---positive results and then refer them for con-firmatory testing? [Because] this is just testing, not true prevention. How many dentists would feel comfortable discussing sex and needle sharing with their patients—for example, initiating a discussion on how long to wait after a tooth extraction before engaging in oral sex?

Peter Cooper
Oak Park, MI

Smoke On This
On April 21, POZ News reported that the Washington, DC, City Council unanimously approved a bill allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to people living with chronic illnesses such as HIV.

Marijuana is very effective for [managing] pain and nausea and [increasing] appetite. [It isn’t as] physically addictive as prescription pain medication and doesn’t have the side effects. Our president, who is so concerned with “health care,” needs to approve a bill for medical marijuana nationwide and to be even smarter, make recreational marijuana legal and tax it. The revenue from legalization would seriously put a large dent in the U.S. deficit.

Jacksonville, FL