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Liberace AIDS Film Gets 11 Emmy Awards

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Greg H

This article is almost as disappointing as the film. I could have done well without the gratuitous sex scene. It wasnâ??t an AIDS film, it was a chapter in the life of Liberace, and his four-year relationship with Scott Thorson. AIDS didnâ??t enter the picture until the last 10 minutes. Also the claim that Liberace â??died of AIDSâ? is incorrect. AIDS 101 teaches us that nobody â??dies of AIDSâ? since AIDS is a syndrome. People die from complications and or opportunistic infections as the result of AIDS

September 25, 2013 Davenport, FL


This film was deemed poison in Hollywood. It was rejected by every studio despite its star power. Nice to see it succeed successfully!

September 24, 2013 Bronx, ny


The title of this article is SO, SO very disappointing to me, especially coming from the POZ team. You review comments, however; it is looking like some more stigma training is needed for {and} your Writers work needs to be reviewed, as well; before publication.

September 24, 2013 Seattle


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