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Aging With HIV

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I was infected when I was 19. I turned 59 in June. I recently moved my home to Palatka from Orlando. People here are living with the early epidemic mentality. Especially my people "Black people." It's really quite sad, to see so much, I can't say ignorant. It's more like shame. People want be associated with me because I openly disclose my AIDS status. It's like they are ashamed of me because I'm not ashamed that I'm infected. There is a lot of work to do here. Work I will be doing alone.

September 21, 2018 Palatka, FL.


I was diagnosed in my 70s , 2years ago . I cannot close my eyes but I dream Not nightmares but often working type dreams . My condition is constantly with me and I have to relocate to avoid people knowing ! I have skin problems , itchy and warts, also loss of muscle fat , hair etc since started on Stribild . How to know which medication is most suitable for me given my personal and family medical history .. Cancer and heart in family , me with allergies, rhinitis , high cholesterol etc .

September 16, 2018


I was diagnosed at 20 yrs old and am a long-term survivor... diagnosed in 1990 and was sion is 27 yrs old and negative

September 6, 2018 Sacramento,ca


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