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Why a Man With AIDS Was Denied a COVID-19 Vaccine in Philadelphia

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Agree with Neenzers. The odds of death for PLHIV are 1.23 higher than "no conditions". by contast, the odds are 3.0 times higher for diabetes. I know a gentleman with a lung transplant who still can't get the vaccine. This campaign to put all PLHIV at the front of the line is embarrassing. Its stuff like this that that sabotages our case that that we live normal lives. And for what, to get the vaccine a few months faster? Just disgusting.

February 27, 2021 Cleveland, OH

Petta Michael

I am 60yo HIV + living in TX. I got my first vaccine and will get my second in March.

February 25, 2021 Arlington TX


What’s with alarmist headline? Every state had guidelines on who gets them and when! I have AIDS but I’m undetectable and in Texas right now only 1B are getting then which are 65+ and if you are on a very specific list of conditions ...sadly I have chronic kidney disease so I got mine this way .. but have them we all been dreaming we just wanna be treated like everybody else? so now you’re saying you don’t wanna be treated like everybody else you want to be special because you have HIV AIDS?

February 25, 2021


I too have been positive for 30 years. I have to agree, I don't want to take the chance of dying after struggling 30 years to maintain my life. Sometimes common sense plays a role in making the right decision on who are at risk. Whether your're 75 or 35, each one of us who have battled a compromised immune system to work each and everyday to fulfill our obligation to live. I realize there are rules, but sometimes these need to go beyond an age group.

February 25, 2021 Tennessee


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