Chauncey Stevenson, a teacher fired from a private school for being HIV positive, has settled his lawsuit against Chesapeake Academy in Ann Arundel County, Maryland, reports The Baltimore Sun.

According to the article, Chauncey lost his job in 2006 after disclosing his status and missing most of the academic year because of illness. Stevenson is to receive a monetary settlement of $79,750.

Chesapeake Academy has not admitted wrongdoing, but, moving forward, it must teach its supervisors about the Americans With Disabilities Act, which requires employers to accommodate workers with disabilities.

“People living with HIV and AIDS should not be discriminated against because of their disability, and they should be treated with sensitivity,” Stevenson said.

“As long as employers continue to make employment decisions based on uninformed prejudices and irrational fears, we will continue to bring lawsuits like this,” said Debra Lawrence, acting regional attorney of The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who sued the school on Stevenson’s behalf.