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Media Outlets Falsely Claim That a Cure for HIV May Be Only Three Years Away

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Yes, because what would sites like this and all of the drug companies making millions do if a cure was finally brought to those living with HIV. I hope and believe there is a cure, it is coming.

July 9, 2016


Wow! I've never read your mag before and hope I don't come across it again. The tone of your article is that there will never be a cure and we all need to huddle together in a corner and be miserable. Go to hell. I will hang with the hopeful folks who look for the cure and are excited with each step. And would you finally drop the Mississippi baby story! We are aware of it, duh. Please go out of business. Your attitude may have been helpful in 1988, but it is unhelpful in 2016.

July 9, 2016 NYC


Much more left than just identifying the reservoir. Still, POZ has crossed several lines. 1st was continuing to oppose early treatment, even after the science was conclusive and had long been obvious. 2nd has been a series of "reality checks" about a cure that in reality are counterproductive. 3rd has been a complete neglect of its main readership, people who are HIV+. 4th, hypocritically criticizing sensationalism while publishing clickbait. 5th, "POZ is so negative", so bleak and grim!

May 25, 2016 Collinsville, IL


POZ is so negative! Thanks for making us all positive people feeling stuck with your awful publication for years. There have been enormous advances in finding a cure, only the last step left now in terms of uncovering the reservoirs. Do yourselves a favor POZ and apologize for the article. PS your image is so 80s and dated, whoever says POZ anymore and while we are at it, we should start identifying POZ for the flu, POZ for herpes, POZ for any type of virus. Stop putting us in a ghetto!!!

May 17, 2016


POZ, also is hyper-critical about possible holistic cures, such as studies with raw garlic, medicinal mushrooms, ect. siting that it is all bunk. But when testing their knowledge about such remedies they avoid the topic, stating things like "well, if raw garlic could cure HIV then don't you think modern medicine would know about this and implement it?" My answer is of course they wouldn't. Because it's all a big racket.

May 16, 2016 Indianapolis


It's still positive and good news. There's still hope. I wonder what would happen to this site POZ when the cure is found. No more business and revenue i guess.

May 9, 2016


People wonder why so many lay cure advocates think there's a deliberate effort to stifle cure interest. Then, they dust off "The Mississippi Baby". It's sad for the baby, but there have been more promising prior and subsequent stories. Really, Poz, bringing up "MS Baby" is like citing the Challenger Disaster as a cautionary story about space travel every time people talk about going to Mars. It's getting a little tired, and I doubt that poor girl wants to be an eternal tool for naysayers.

April 5, 2016 Collinsville, IL


This is the danger of getting medical information from the media; they sensationalize everything with investigating the entire story. It's not just the Telegraph, CNN is absolutely atrocious about reporting on clinical trials. Medical journalists should have an M.D. so they at least understand the studies. Once in human trials, a treatment can be approved by the FDA on a fast-track and they give them ten years to produce safety studies.

April 5, 2016 USA


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