A dashboard video shows a Dearborn, Michigan, police officer issuing a traffic ticket to a man and a ticket for marijuana possession to a woman with HIV because he was “aggravated” she didn’t disclose her status before he searched her car, The American Independent reports. Shalandra Jones and her boyfriend Mark Scott were pulled over by David Lacey because he noticed a burnt out brake light. After Lacey smelled marijuana, Jones eventually confessed to possession and handed it to him. She initially didn’t confess because she was worried her medical marijuana card might be expired, which it was. Lacey then found HIV medications and asked Jones what they were. She told him in response that she was HIV positive. Lacey later told the couple he issued them tickets because he was “pissed” Jones did not disclose she had HIV before he searched their car. Experts say there is no legal obligation for people with HIV in Michigan to disclose their status to a police officer.

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