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Milk Thistle Extract Comparable to Placebo in Hep C Liver Enzyme Study

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I have HCV for 30 years, from donating blood in developing countries when I was an overseas volunteer. I don't drink alcohol, do any drugs, try to eat well but am now A3 F3. This has increased from A1 F0 in 8 years. I am determined not to take the cure that kills the patient. Any advice on alternative methods would be valuable. Yes, I am doing Milk Thistle etc since 2 months only. In 8 years Viral load has decreased from 35 million to 1 million - so why do the Fibro and Acti tests go up?

May 2, 2012


Fibrosure scare F1-F2 in yr. to F2 w/ bridge septa inflammation off map, Add milk thistle, cinnamon, bitter melon,Turmeric-all anti-inflammatory herbs (MD sugg. statins for LIVER inflammation but allergic) add metformin a-diabetes tag teams w/Hep C-Hit the elliptical an hour a day-chg to low sugar diet plain greek yogurt w/whole fruit, brown rice, poultry.. A1C- 8,5 down to 6,3,- ALTs ASTs 120s to 50s..-off Lexapro-Testosterone exercise far better-holistic w/some meds-the middle path-not FDAs!

November 21, 2011 Boston

Richard McCormick

Unlike "white mans" medicine herbal remedies take much longer to show significant results so allow for just a few months is ridiculous to expect results like that! I've been living with Hep C for over 20 years, I take liver herbs, including Milk Thistle daily, I have no significant elevations or inflammation in my liver... and being co infected and taking HIV meds daily I would expect more inflammation but nope!

November 16, 2011 Redwood City


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