A 36-year-old man from Dexter, Missouri, has been charged by the Stoddard County prosecuting attorney with 21 counts of the Class B felony of recklessly exposing another to HIV, The Daily Statesman reports.

He had originally been charged with a Class A felony of knowingly infecting with HIV. This was related to allegations by a 28-year-old man that the defendant never disclosed his HIV-positive status to him before the numerous times they had unprotected sex. They lived together from November 2012 to June 2013 when the plaintiff ended the relationship.

The plaintiff claims a former roommate of the defendant then told him the defendant has HIV. The plaintiff, who tested HIV positive in July 2013, then confronted the defendant. He allegedly told the plaintiff that he tested HIV positive in 2003 and had sex with more than 300 partners since then.

Police claim that the defendant told them the same information and that he allegedly did not disclose he has HIV to any of his 50 to 60 partners in Stoddard County. Police claim the defendant said fear of rejection was why he did not disclose his status to the partners.

The additional counts are the result of two more men alleging the defendant had unprotected sex with them numerous times without disclosing. The HIV status of these men is so far unknown. More charges are possible as other partners are interviewed. Bond has been revoked, which means the defendant will remain in jail until his case is decided. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday, September 26.

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