Muslim clerics are campaigning against condom programs in Kenya’s provincial capital of Garissa, claiming that HIV transmission can be prevented solely by following Islamic teachings including fasting, regular prayer and abstaining from extramarital sex, IRIN/PlusNews reports (, 5/12). In addition, Muslim leaders encourage men to avoid looking at women and advise women to dress more conservatively.

“A huge amount of money is spent on buying condoms, buying immorality,” says Sheikh Mohaamud Ali. “We are not opposed to the Ministry of Health’s campaigns to fight HIV/AIDS, but we are concerned that they are using the wrong way, which is not acceptable to our tradition and our religion.”

According to the article, Ali and other Muslim leaders are fighting to ban public promotion and distribution of condoms throughout the country’s northeast province.  They are also targeting bars and “video dens” that screen pornographic movies, claiming that these locations further encourage promiscuous sexual activities.