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How Losing Our Gay, HIV-Positive Son to Suicide Turned Our Family Into Activists

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This is such a touching story. I believe the major 2 problems, why most individuals, who are gay, HIV+ or both, is because the stigma & the media. People tend to be so disrespectful toward those who are gay & those who are infected with HIV, as if they are contagious. Even when you go into healthcare facilities, the workers are so rude. The media act as if this disease so horrible & only transmitted through sexual activities. If we stop being so judgemental, we can see a change in fear...

June 22, 2014 Jackson


Thank you for standing up for whats right in your heart. I know that Zack is looking down on you all from heaven and thanking you also for being a voice for all of us even though he sadly could not do so in his time.

June 21, 2014 Indianapolis


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