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New Group Tackles Laws That Make HIV a Crime

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Certainly a H.I.V. Person should always reveal their status,I always do,hep c person should also,but to get 30years in prison like Michael Johnson in Missouri,while a rich man drives drunk in Texas kills 4 people gets probation, a rapist in California gets 6 months and only does 4,H.I.V. Is no longer a death sentence,some who spreads Herpes or hepatitis C doesn't get 30 years,but the people they infect is doomed to a lifetime of medication.

September 17, 2016 Tulsa


Prosecuting disclosure prevents HIV testing and stigmatizes people with HIV. Remove the shame, get the facts about HIV risk in relation to transmission, and always act as if your partner/the needle you use is infected with any pathogen, NOT just HIV. We are in the age where we should know better and stop the scare tactics to ostracize those who are responsible in seeking routine HIV tests and care. We are smarter to know HIV is better suppressed under accessible care and with prevention tools.

August 31, 2016 WAState


I as an HIV+ person feel that if you are going to have sex with someone or share needles with someone that you should have to disclose. My husband who passed away 8 years ago due to cancer knew my diagnosis before we started dating. Even though he had only a very small percentage of a chance of contracting it from me. He had the right to know to make that choice. I did not i was lied to and the person that infected me told me he was HIV- and had a forged Dr. Report to prove it.

August 21, 2016 Washington


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