A Pennsylvania appeals court ordered a nursing home that was sued for evicting an HIV-positive patient to pay fines and damages to its former patient and her attorney, The Morning Call reports. In the original case, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission ruled that Canal Side Care Manor in Walnutport and its owner Lakshmi Kademani discriminated against a 36-year-old woman after her HIV status became known. The patient, called G.D. in the court proceedings, was given 24 hours to leave and was sent to a hospital psychiatric ward where she stayed for three months. The appeals court upheld the earlier court’s decision that forced the nursing home and its owner to pay $50,000 in damages and a $5,000 fine for discrimination to G.D. The appeals court also stated that since there appeared to be no legal basis for the appeal, the nursing home must also cover the plaintiff’s legal fees for the appeals proceedings.

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