An HIV-positive man who was fired from his job at a New York City boutique hotel has won more than $500,000 in a lawsuit alleging disability discrimination by his former employer, the New York Daily News reports. A Manhattan Federal Court jury awarded Antonio Muñoz $185,000 in compensatory damages and $347,500 in punitive damages.

In 2007, the Manhattan Club hired Muñoz as an assistant office manager. In 2008, he earned two raises and a merit award. After he was diagnosed with HIV, also in 2008, he asked to be taken off the night shift because he needed to take medication at night that made him drowsy. His request was denied, even after he provided a doctor’s note.

Muñoz ultimately got on the day shift, but in 2010 he was told he would be put back on the night shift. That prompted him to file a complaint of disability discrimination with human resources. In 2011, Muñoz was fired after an anonymous complaint against him. He fell into a depression, but eventually recovered and found a job as a social worker.

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