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Robert Novitch jr

I think I may be the oldest living person with HIV aids, I was tested in 1982 and had hiv yrs before that ,I would love help finding out if I really am the oldest person and longest living person with HIV aids, I do believe that I had hiv before 1980..can you help me find this out, u was one who tryed the drug when it first came out I was the study then and have HIV for years before the study, it was with the university of washinging actu trials there others there did not live,I did and still am

December 8, 2021 Richland WA 99354


was no able to finish my story, everyone in my group who believed they were going to . all in the group started to work again we had one in the group who actually had Aids, he to went back to work, he support for all was positive (very proud of myself) I moved t the desert in 1997 signed up with DAP was in group sessions for two years and was asked to leave both groups, being the oldest one in both groups sitting with a group of men who said they could't work because they were HIV !

September 3, 2019 Cathedral City

I am 82 years old was diagnose in 1995,Fortunately I have never been sick. I started my medical assistance at the Jeffrey Goodman healthcare one of the fist clinics dedicated to HIV patients I lived in Simi Valley, One clinic at the time in Ventura County it was after that experience that I started to go to the Goodman clinic in Hollywood , went to group sessions at Los Robles Hospital, 35-40,people in the group no help at all, I started my own group in a local church, And my rule was no more 12

September 3, 2019 Cathedral City


I am 55, female, who has carried this virus around for over 30 years. I have never been approached or asked for my opinion. When I lived in Germany, I participated in many trials to further research and win time for newly infected, so they would not suffer as we did back then. I would be very interested in participating in trials, so how do I go about it? Being new to the American 'sick' health insurance, I find myself isolated and frustrated to find no support system for the silver tsunami.

September 1, 2019 Las Vegas


I see that this thread has been somewhat taken over by the "HIV is a crime" theme. Well, obviously it's not a crime. Someone who is undetectable is far safer to go with than someone of unknown status in my opinion. To me, someone who is undetectable should be highly desired. People need to stop being ignorant and see undetectable as safe. Also, a person of undetectable status should stay away from the ignorant because the ignorant person is sour of heart.

September 1, 2019 UK


I don't have H V or AIDS, but regardless I am a huge advocate for a cure...40 "plus" years is a flagrant lie to the public!'s the pharmaceutical monsters who won't admit that there is a cure because they feed off the is an outrage! ALSO...why isn't there a nationwide movement underway to CHANGE the ARCHAIC disclosure laws?! Why should anyone with an undetctable viral load have to divulge anything about their past?? If it's undetectable, it can't be transmitted! Period!

August 28, 2019


Being diagnosed with HTLV-3 in 1983 I was not expecting to be here now. However the years of toxic trial drugs have caused a lot of damage but i was supported by the NHS and government with financial and physical health care.. Then in 2013 everything changed. It was like a caring parent suddenly becoming abusive. The government stopped my benefits, took my car and stole my savings and Pension. the appeals process was so difficult and so long that i had almost starved to death before i go to the

August 28, 2019 London UK


61 next February, POZ 23 yrs. I'm active on a Community Advisory Board in NYC we've started a social club for aging seniors 50+ (we list on the LTS Facebook Groups) hoping to pick up momentum to help combat isolation and mental health challenges like bipolar and schizophrenia. There are many of us living in poverty, public housing, meals, items like Cable TV is a luxury item. Many of us have outlived our friends and parents. Your correct in that our aging community isn't prepared, on my own here

August 28, 2019 New Jersey


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