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Published Opposites Attract Study Supports Preventive Power of Being Undetectable

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This is amazing news. I'm about to celebrate 26 years since my diagnosis.I am excited to say I have to retrain my brain. Since the age of 21 I've felt at times like I'm a walking contagion,especially after my wrongful arrest. We all digest this information differently but one thing we should agree on is that much progress has been made and an end to AIDS is just around the corner. #KnowUrStatus #HIVisNOTaCRIME #U=U

July 25, 2018 Nashville


I'd counter that, SidSidSid, by saying that the study was large and therefore so what that it included people with varying sexual practises! In fact, it's a good thing that a diverse group of people made up the study. I see your thinking, but there is often sound counter thinking.

July 23, 2018 UK


The results would be MUCH MORE INTERESTING AND INFORMATIVE if the analyses were restricted to gay male couples where the positive partner was the EXCLUSIVE TOP for unprotected anal sex and the negative partner was the EXCLUSIVE BOTTOM. As it stands, this analysis lumps together less risky couples/sex acts with higher risk couples/sex acts to inflate their N's. I call bulls**t on their methods. Reminds of of studies from the 90s that lumped oral sex with anal sex to describe "risky behavior".

July 21, 2018


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