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Screening Sex Partners With Rapid In-Home HIV Tests

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And just like other tests that were originally meant to be meant to be administered in a clinical setting, but pushed to the market too soon...this test will be RE-USED and used inaccurately. If people in a clinical study admitted to having a desire to use it improperly...why was it approved for the market?

October 23, 2012 Tampa, FL

frederick wright

It seems like oral sure has a hit for they are running there plants 24 hours a day and the HIV test are fling off the shelves. This company must be one of the biggest opprotunist in American history. First they where bonded by the state to start business,yes government welfare company,then they where bail out by AIDS folks by government CDC set a sides by Senator Tom Coburn,and now ,their executive board in high salaries are raping the share holders,American Made and American Corporate welfare.

October 23, 2012 choachella valley


Which of course leaves the ten ton gorilla in the living room; How many people who were barebacking strangers beforehand are actually negative in the first place?

October 22, 2012

Jeremiah Johnson

From the OraQuick website- "A negative result with this test does not mean that you are definitely not infected with HIV, particularly when exposure may have been within the previous 3 months." As I understand it, these tests are not effective within the first few weeks of infection when the risk of transmission is extremely high. Thus, a newly infected, yet highly infectious individual will show up as negative on the test. So, should we really promote this as a screening tool?

October 22, 2012 New York


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