A pilot sex-education program in Westford, Massachusetts, is teaching parents how to talk to their kids about sex, The Boston Globe reports (boston.com, 5/22).

According to the article, the Smart Sex Education Program is a voluntary five-week course aimed at combating the limited sex education provided in Massachusetts public schools. Without state funding, public school administrators and teachers have been forced to cut back on sex-ed programs or eliminate them altogether.

In addition to educating middle- and high schoolers about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, and the importance of healthy relationships, the program also holds seminars to teach parents how to talk to their kids about sexual issues.

“I think it’s a wonderful way to approach it,” participating Westford parent Angela C. Waszak told The Globe. “I want to be the information source [about sex]—not to have them hear it on the bus or from their friends. Once they know the facts, you can talk about values.”