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Paying It Forward to Fight for Nushawn Williams

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Nobody said he was a "disgusting monster" simply because he HAD HIV, it was bc he knowingly and selfishly took abhorrent actions against COMPLETELY INNOCENT women who weren't even given the chance to make informed decisions on their own behalf. He bragged about it and specifically said that he was doing it to "get revenge" because he was angry about his diagnosis. HE KNEW. Of COURSE he's going to claim he "didn't know"...Because he's a COWARD.

September 17, 2021


I'm a relative of multiple girls infected by that man,YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. HE WAS TOLD multiple times 1996 and he said before multiple times that he was told by the doctor and just didn't believe them and he thought they were lying to him and then recently before he was supposed to be released he said the same thing when asked if he hiv had he told them no he didn't believe that he did and that he would still have unprotected sex That's why he is still there hes a danger

August 9, 2021 Jamestown

I am nushawn

To those who commented I appreciate you taking the time to write a comment and I want to say this don’t believe everything you read on the Internet .Nushawn wasn’t bragging about sleeping with these people he was asked and he simply replied yes also he wasn’t intentionally trying to transmit HIV because he didn’t know his status until he was detained and arrested Also when is enough punishment enough he’s done his time and then some if he had murdered somebody he probably would’ve been home .

June 22, 2021 Ohio


Why do we do this to ourselves? He is listed as the cause of a “micro epidemic” and his sins go much further than just transmission. He practically bragged about spreading the virus. There are real victims of criminalization, but he isn’t one of them. He’s the Daryl Rowe of the 90s. The “activists” are sandbagging this cause by prioritizing these heinous instances as part of some wildly unsympathetic social justice agenda. We deserve better than this.

March 3, 2021 Cleveland, OH


Nushawn isn't a monster because he has HIV. He preyed on young women (even a 13 year old girl) for sex. He was extremely wreckless with his sexual behavior and he didn't care. It's scary to think that people like him go around spreading the virus not thinking how others are affected.

March 2, 2021 Arizona


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