Twenty Peace Corps runners started a 150-mile trek Friday, September 12, across the Tigray Region of Ethiopia to educate communities along the way about HIV/AIDS, as well as to raise funds for awareness efforts, according to a Peace Corps statement. Called the Tigray Trek, the run ends Friday, September 19.

In 2013, five Peace Corps runners completed the first trek and educated about 530 people in nine villages. In 2014, the trek has 15 additional runners and 12 more volunteers to help lead educational sessions. Volunteers and local groups held nine educational sessions this year to empower youth to continue HIV/AIDS education.

In more than 60 posts worldwide—including Africa, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia—Peace Corps volunteers are trained to be HIV/AIDS advocates and educators to help advance the goals of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).