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Penile Microbiome Linked to HIV Risk in Uncircumcised Men

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The worst part - doesn't read or care about any of these comments. Too much money from the big pharma/circumcision industry into's pocket. He who pays names the tune. And further, where's the study about this bacteria in female genitals? Why not circumcise off the labia? Oh wait it's genital mutilation when it's done to a female. Yet, cut off 20 square inches of skin from a man and it's VMMC. I call bullshit! And I hate the freaking re-Captcha! Jesus!

October 1, 2017


You did it again! Why? How come? Who paid for the study? Were there studies that were done that showed "bad" results? spoiler alert!! The study was paid for by the company that makes the circumcision devices -- profit on of 40 billion dollars a year! Of course the studies show that curing normal penis via circumcision cures everything. The company that paid for the study makes the PrePex device they are using to mutilate tens of millions of men. needs to add that information.

September 21, 2017 FL


I'm an uncircumcised male, first off I was taught how to keep my foreskin clean, some people in the medical community think the answer is remove the foreskin! WTF! That's not always the answer, it's a two way street, both partners need to keep that area clean before sex or afterwards, there's so many uncut men who are not spreading diseases what's your answer to that, shame on you to suggest the answer is mutilation of men. What you should be teaching is proper hygiene.

September 16, 2017 Hawaii


Interesting... Thus, leaving men who heed this information to opt to: 1. Clean their penises frequently - as mum taught 2. Use condoms during sex - hopefully in conjunction with option 1 Or 3. Get circumcised leaving the head of penis unprotected while in their pants. My point is that the answer does not have to be circumcision.

September 12, 2017 UK


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