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UPDATED: What People With HIV Need to Know About the New Coronavirus

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Is it possible to test positive in rapid test for covid 19 if your HIV positive? I am Undetectable and has good CD4 count.

June 2, 2020

Theresa M

I believe, I did have corona virus. I have had a tough time getting in touch with my provider. I would like a resistance test to see if i was indeed exposed. I also started a new regimen after being on one regimen for 28 years. I am having all kinds of issues with this new drug ( TAF). I am disappointed that Hiv has been put on a shelf for thirty -two years. Medications make millions ;,Eradication saves lives. Covid19 is another virus, saddened at the loss of life, this brings me back in time.

June 1, 2020 MA


I was actually wondering if those of us fortunate enough to have restored immune systems might actually be at LESS risk because we take daily retrovirals. I’ve been asking about this and doing occasional searches for information, but haven’t found any. I mentioned it to one of my non-HIV doctors and she thought it might be possible. The medication I take isn’t the one currently being tested for COVID-19, but I still think it might provide protection. Do we have any data?

May 16, 2020 Seattle


I just would like to know how many people with hiv/AIDS have died from covid 19? Ones that are currently taking antivirals vs ones that are not. Thanks!!!

April 28, 2020


Hello, I'm a provider for a large HIV clinic in North Florida... we already have more than 50 persons admitted at our area hospitals w Covid19 pneumonia but NONE have HIV as a comorbidity... we see close to 1000 HIV+ in the clinic and only one has called w possible Covid19 related symptoms... Don't think it's a coincidence.. dont think what appears to be a protective mechanism is coming form the ARVs but instead from the way the immune system respond to the HIV infection.. needs to be explored

April 1, 2020 Jacksonville, Fl


How do people living with hiv who are essential employees like myself get their employers to approve their leave of absence during this period in order not to be exposed since we are considered a high risk group and considering the fact that our jobs exposes us to a large population.

March 31, 2020 VA

Ed Boss

In 1995 43,000 young people died of AIDS in U.S.compared to the 1,700 mostly elderly with other conditions that have died of corona thus far in one mo but could double soon. Germany only has a death rate of .5% because they test everyone with any kind of symptoms. If it is seasonal with no vaccine it might reach a high level of 200k as the NY times said eventually in the coming years. The transmission will lower in the summer months but may escalate in the southern hemisphere and be passed back

March 28, 2020 North East Texas


Has there been any specific documentation of COVID-19 deaths in HIV positive people so far?

March 25, 2020 AL


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