There is a wide disparity in life expectancy between those beginning HIV treatment in high-income nations versus middle- or low-income nations.

Publishing their findings in HIV Medicine, researchers analyzed data from eight cohort studies that estimated life expectancy in people starting HIV treatment.

In high-income nations, people had a life expectancy of an additional 43.3 years when starting antiretrovirals (ARVs) at age 20 and an additional 32.2 years when starting treatment at age 35. In low- and middle-income nations, the respective additional years of life expectancy were 28.3 years and 25.6 years. In these poorer nations, starting ARVs at age 20 meant a life expectancy of 22.9 years for men and 33 years for women. There was no such sex-based disparity among those in high-income nations.

Life expectancy improved over time in all nations.

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