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PEP: In Case of Emergency

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The government doesn't want to cure aids or hiv or cancer or herpes,etc why because it's money in sick people and stockholders if they cured everything the pharmaceutical industry would collapse and thousands of doctor's would be out of work and the stockholders would lose millions upon trillions of dollars it's never ever about healing ANYBODY it's about making billions of dollars every day off of humans, This is America we are living in the power-fullest capitalist nation on earth!!! It's ALW

June 7, 2018 USA


sorry, but i can see their point. if an adult wants to play but not pay, thats his choice. sharing a needle to get high, or a romp in the sheets, doesnt pose an emergency. with all the education today, thats irr responsibility at its best. why shud someone else pay thousands plus $, because one of us were to cheap to buy a new needle? or even wash it out? im irritated. none of us r owed any of the free life saving medications we get,IF and only IF its a case of carelessness & entitlement.

September 18, 2013


I wanted to echo Jim's comment. Post dr's now prescribe Truvada (Gilead) which is also used for PrEP. So it's easy to understand the confusion. Great article, but a little out of date with cost of treatment and drugs used (in my experience, 28 days of Truvada costs $1200-$1400). Also, I have had positive experiences getting clients Truvada through Gilead's PAP quite quickly, IF they are given starter meds at the ER.

September 16, 2013 Xenia

Jim Pickett

Thank you for this important article. It should be noted that many docs now prescribe Truvada, a combo of tenofovir and emtricitabine and Isentress aka raltegravir for PEP. This is much easier to tolerate with minimal side effects.

September 9, 2013 Chicago


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