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Pharma CEOs Walk Into a Congressional Hearing to Defend High Drug Prices…

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"CORPORATE GREED" is all they care about!!! They should be ashamed of themselves

March 4, 2019 QC


Hasan Minhaj in his Netflix show Patriot Act addressed this brilliantly saying that Pharma and Managers and Insurance Cos. point fingers at each other and in the end no one takes responsibility and it's business as usual. The US has the highest cost of drugs in the world. In the whole world! Let that sink in for a minute. We need to take back our healthcare by controlling pharmacy prices. Scoundrels like Martin Scherelli have killed us and no one gives a shit.

February 28, 2019 New Orleans

Greg Martinez

What a bunch of BS. At Over $4000 a month I could never afford the drugs that help keep me alive. I have to take low paying jobs so I can stay on Medicaid. Because who could afford paying that much every month.

February 28, 2019


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