The online photo gallery HIV in View shows real people living and thriving with HIV. Not only do the images aim to break down negative stereotypes of HIV, but they’re also available for the public to download through Shutterstock, a stock photography provider.

Latino man living with HIV using a laptop

Shutterstock Studios (Model(s) used for illustrative purposes only)

Launched on World AIDS Day, December 1, the gallery is a collaborative effort between Shutterstock and ViiV Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company focused on HIV treatment that’s a joint venture of Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Shionogi. 

You can view and download the entire collection of royalty-free images on this page at The page includes a three-minute video featuring participants in the gallery that you can watch above; sample images from the gallery are posted throughout this article.

“There is always a need for authentic and fresh imagery accurately depicting what it’s like to live with HIV,” said Shutterstock general manager Michael Carfagnini in a press release about the gallery. “ViiV Healthcare’s work in continuing to fight HIV-related stigma until people living with HIV are understood and accepted sparked a unique opportunity for Shutterstock to collaborate through powerful visuals.”

Woman living with HIV laughing over drinks with a friend in London

Shutterstock Studios (Model(s) used for illustrative purposes only)

The images were curated with the input of people living with HIV and include folks in the United Kingdom, Kenya, Uruguay and Portugal. “Until the world sees HIV for what it really is, we are not going to make the progress we need to disrupt stereotypes of what it’s like to live with HIV,” said Doreen Moracha, of Kenya, who was photographed for the gallery. “If my photographs can change just one person’s opinion of what it means to live with HIV today, I will know we are a step closer to reaching this goal.”

A smiling senior man living with HIV drinking coffee in an office

Shutterstock Studios (Model(s) used for illustrative purposes only)

ViiV Healthcare CEO Deborah Waterhouse said the company is pledging to “use images of real people living with HIV across all our platforms, where applicable, moving forward, and we encourage others to do the same.”

She added that ViiV’s mission “is to leave no person living with HIV behind and reducing HIV-related stigma is key to achieving this. For too long, the public has been presented with outdated representations of what it is to live with HIV. Working with Shutterstock has underlined how a lack of widely accessible, present-day HIV imagery continues to hold us back. With the launch of the HIV in View gallery, people across the world can now download authentic photography for free.”

Two Latino men standing in backyard in Uruguay, the man on the right is living with HIV

Shutterstock Studios (Model(s) used for illustrative purposes only)

Shutterstock notes that the images in the HIV in View gallery are free under its standard use license. She also notes that users who need an enhanced license (which allows a greater number of reproductions, among other benefits) will be charged a fee but that 100% of proceeds go to (RED), the global nonprofit rock star Bono launched in 2006 to raise HIV funds.