Aside from taking your HIV meds, what’s the key to living a long life with the virus? For expert advice and insight, tune in to the six-part podcast series HIV Matters, which is part of a larger series called Chair’s Corner With Dr. Ron Falk at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

The podcasts are available for free on iTunes and SoundCloud as well as on the Department of Medicine’s website, where you can also read transcripts of each podcast if you prefer the written word to the spoken.

For the episode titled “Living a Long Life With HIV,” Falk speaks with HIV specialist David Wohl, MD, about topics such as mental health, cancer risk and smoking, and the importance of monitoring one’s health and making better choices.

In each episode of the series, Falk speaks with a different specialist (or specialists) about various HIV-related issues. All six episodes include:

The Department of Medicine at UNC is led by chair Ronald Falk, MD, who hosts the podcast series The Chair’s Corner. Many other episodes in the series will be of interest to anyone living with HIV—or interested in general health and wellness. Other topics have included kidney and liver transplants, the microbiome (and how it affects disease), food allergies, autoimmune diseases and more.

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