Welcome to the 3rd Annual POZ Awards, which spotlight the best representations of HIV/AIDS in media and culture.

The POZ editorial staff selects the nominees, but POZ readers choose the winners.

Eligible nominees were active or were presented, published or produced between October 1, 2017, and September 30, 2018.

Be sure to vote for your favorite nominees by the World AIDS Day deadline: Saturday, December 1, 2018. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Saturday, December 8!

Here are the nominees:

Ending HIV (New Zealand AIDS Foundation)

This informative (and downright hilarious) series of videos from the very, very sex-positive HIV advocates of New Zealand isn’t shy when it comes to navigating a fulfilling and healthy sex life. Their video series includes the game show, “Drop Your Load,” tutorials on U=U and HIV testing, and guides to having spectacularly explosive sex. Where do we sign up?

Epic Voices (amfAR)

amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, has an ongoing video series of HIV advocates, both positive and negative, talking about their views on an HIV cure. What we especially appreciate about amfAR’s work this year is their focus on women and people of color, such as recent profiles of Naina Khanna, Maria Mejia, and Daniel Driffin. The videos are personal, philosophical, and beautifully produced.

Pozitively Dee (Davina Conner)

Davina Conner’s “Pozitively Dee” video podcast series is an inspiring example of people living with HIV using social media. Her Facebook page is a video treasure chest of fun interviews with call-in questions and practical advice. Prepare to be enchanted by her endearing presence and positive attitude.

#PWNCares (Positive Women’s Network–USA)

The ferocious advocacy group known as the Positive Women’s Network–USA produced an interactive series of videos by and for women living with HIV and it represents the best of what can happen when networks of people with HIV empower and advocate for themselves. Better yet, each video release was accompanied by a virtual web chat that included the video subjects for a conversation and Q&A.

Revolutionary Health (The Counter Narrative Project)

This Atlanta–based organization builds power among Black gay men, and their ongoing video series (available on their Facebook page or YouTube channel) includes some real talk about topics such as dating, PrEP, happiness, full body massage (including an on-camera demonstration), HIV treatment, and... beards. Hosts Charles Stephens and David Malebranche, MD, keep things friendly, accessible, and enormously entertaining.