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POZ Survey Results on HIV and COVID-19

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I think there is something odd that 74% say they didn't lose their job/employment but 90+% lost their health coverage. Since the majority of people get their coverage from work or thru supplemental programs from the state or federal government...that isn't tied to employment then how are those numbers correct?

July 18, 2020 DC


Thank you for looking into how covid is impacting our communities. I think it would interested to learn the correlation between the the high number of people who lost their insurance and the lower # that lost income. We have a higher than average number of ppl on disability. I am on disability and haven't had a loss of income or loss of insurance, it would be very interesting to learn more about those two data points. Thank you for your continued efforts keeping us informed. #HIVisNOTaCRIME

July 16, 2020 Nashville


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