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PrEP Enables Gay and Bi Men to Connect Across HIV Status

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Anon guy

“condomless sex was most likely to occur with HIV+ positive partners”. I’m calling out a lie here. This is not true. I don’t care what your data says. Anyone who has ever changed their status box from poz or UD to “negative” or “on PrEP” while traveling knows this is a lie. The HIV- practically never use condoms with other presumptive negatives now. This isn’t even debatable once you’ve tried it. Suggesting HIV+ have more condomless sex seems like more poz shaming by Poz Magazine.

August 28, 2021 Somewhere, USA


THIS is why STI rates has skyrocketed to new heights in the past 5 years, mostly in the LGBT population. Now, a false security in "condomless sex" is a literal petri dish for infections to proliferate, many of which are mutating into drug-resistant strains. Nice going, science.

August 27, 2021


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