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PrEP Fails in a Third Man, But This Time HIV Drug Resistance Is Not to Blame

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Ever thought... He could Sharing Needles ? Chem Sex for Mcat - they shoot up !

January 13, 2018


This statement bothers me: "As a result of these findings, Hoornenborg and her colleagues were concerned that if the man continued taking Truvada, he might develop drug resistance, so they took him off PrEP. They then monitored him at weekly intervals." I think this is malpractice on their part. Why was PrEP discontinued? I would think the proper response would have been to put him on ARV therapy as soon as these ambiguous tests showed up.

December 31, 2017 Usa


I don't believe these numbers at all. This disease has become controlled. But that's a problem for drug companies who have to find new ways to make money. Clearly, this man was used as experiment and then they act surprised. Wake up people! If all diseases went away permanently, drug companies would have nothing to treat! Stop using human subjects for your wealth building!

December 2, 2017


Do people NOT understand that Truvada is NOT a free pass for having unprotected sex? I have been on a hellish 26 year ride with this virus. I have AIDS for the last 24 years of it. These meds do hellish things to a gay man's body that you can NOT fix. Guys watch your waist and your back for once it shows up, it does not leave. Fat pockets, yes FAT, sit up or nothing else will make them leave. Humps on your back. Use a condom, meds are not the answer.

July 13, 2017 KY


Playing games, as it were, with PrEP is not something I think most of us would recommend. This sounds like, let's see how far I can push this drug before failure. People, it doesn't come with a guarantee!! Sometimes I'd just like to make a list and start some slapping. We're not in OZ.

June 26, 2017 Texas


This article is terribly misleading! I contracted HIV while taking PREP every day after an extended period of being on the medication. No one asked to perform medical tests on me in order to document my infection. I am no medical anomaly. My DR informed me that I'm not his first patient adhering to Truvada that ended up contracting HIV. It's happening. It doesn't look like anyone is counting the number of cases. No one is reporting all infections and cases aren't being "documented".

May 26, 2017


Reiterating the obvious here - P.r.E.P is meant to be used along with condoms UNLESS YOU ARE IN A COMMITTED MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP. So, if it's used outside of monogamy without condoms it will be like always relying on a second line defence when the first line defence has gone A.W.O.L. And the second line defence in this instance will have to function in an environment of other marauders - other STDs / STIs. So, stop dissing P.R.E.P and start dissing it's missuse instead.

March 27, 2017 UK

But ... ?

But it's 100% effective and when taken as directed prevents infection blah blah blah blah. Just like being undetectable was 100% effective - until it wasn't and we all needed Prep as well . What's the next necessary (and 100% effective treatment) going to be? Talk about go over a waterfall in a burning barrel. Oh well, let them have it their way.

March 20, 2017


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